Make the Unsconscious Conscious through the Archetypes and Renewal  Bonus Package
When you sign up for a free consultation you will receive a copy of  the archetypal indicator.  This is a way to gaining insight into the story of your life.

Psychologist Carl Jung, one of the great minds of the modern era, called these roles and characters archetypes. He proposed that people go through life drawing from a repertoire of instinctive roles: father, mother, child, lover, creator, warrior, caregiver, and claimed there are as many archetypes "as there are typical situations in life."

Each of us can play any one of these characters at any time in the stories of our lives. Yet, out of the countless archetypal roles available, each of us uses a select few more frequently than others. These are called our "dominant archetypes." But sometimes we're like the proverbial hammer that sees only nails, applying the same solution even when the situation demands a different approach. We're blind to other options lurking outside our usual attention, often operating unconsciously.

Identifying which archetypes are influential in our lives can lead us to self-discovery, self-awareness, growth, and self-actualization. Consciously choosing the right archetype for each chapter in our life story can create a more fulfilling, successful life, where we use our archetypes instead of being controlled by them.

We don't always know why we do what we do. We often find ourselves in roles we didn't even realize we chose to play.  This indicator will give you insight.