Program Overview

This type of coaching helps people focus on personal transformation and is  often quite expensive. However, my beginning mid-level coaching program includes 6 sessions (3 months) with me, a custom meditation, and other bonuses for $500.00 regularly $2997.00 (This offer is a special good til 26 June 2024). The three-month package or six sessions (which is offered here) will help you make important successes. The six-month or 12 sessions are for personal transformation and are essential for long-term growth.

My coaching philosophy is a combination of Carl Jung's ideas, Eastern Religious influence, and neuroscience. Some of my coachees mentioned that they were studying the Upanishads...that thinking plays a key role in my practice. I like to use Zoom but am open to phone calls as well. This is not therapy. Rather it is about finding out who you truly are and becoming it. If you are interested, let me know soon as my calendar is beginning to fill. We could start in mid-spring and have 2 meetings per month (plus two emails and surprise bonuses).